Friday, August 22, 2008

Local News

Ah, the local news. What a curious beast. The local news for all intents and purposes is pretty fucking useless. They just tell you about every murder, car accident, maiming, or any general horrible thing that has happened in your community or the world at large. Then they throw in a story about a cat who wears mittens and likes marmalade. I like the local news because I think that the anchors in real life despise the shit out of each other. Some genuine "whore island" stuff. Either that or they turn to alcohol and drugs as soon as they're off the set. The anchors fascinate me but so do the on-the-beat reporters. Do they always talk like that? Speaking of which I love this video:

"Country ass fucked up town!" I just feel like being a part of the local news is quite the scene man. Here's my favorite news anchor of all time (who I heard used to be a coke-head) Jim Vance laughing at a model who fell down:

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Anonymous said...

Sweet. I knew I always loved Vance. That just cemented his GOAT status.