Sunday, August 17, 2008


Oh wait, what? It's only preseason and the games don't count? Fucking bullshit. Hold on let me mentally prepare myself for the reality that I'm posting about a preseason game...Ok, we're good. The Miami Dolphins beat the Jacksonville Jaguars last night 19-14 in the most thrilling preseason game ever played in the history of the world. Well not really but they did win. Chad Pennington looked solid going 5/6 for 55 yards. Ricky Williams was the star of the night rushing 10 times for 43 yards and a TD. God, Ricky is so good. I can't wait until he does a yoga backflip over a DB this year. Chad Henne also was solid going 17/26 for 133 yards. Rookie Dan Carpenter continues to impress hitting 4 field goals in 4 attempts with a 46 and a 44 yarder in there. What a beast. Does this mean the Dolphins are going to be good this year? No. But maybe they won't be horrible. One can only hope. Look at Tony Sparano praising the heavens.

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