Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympics Update

Well, I haven't watched a ton of the Olympics because I still maintain that they're freaking boring but I have watched some. A few observations:
  • What's going on with the swimmers? Why is everyone crushing world records by like 2 seconds? A few people told me it was because of these new suits but sometimes the guys just where the trunks so is everyone just taking drugs? Something is up.
  • By far the best sport to watch so far has been women's team volleyball. Surprisingly it beats beach volleyball which is counter-intuitive because they wear less clothing at the beach.
  • Rowing, bicycling and fencing should never be shown on TV...ever.
  • France got owned by the United States in that swimming relay. When will the frenchies learn? Stick to making cheese and wine and using too much cologne.
  • Craziest story so far has been what has been going on with French swimmer Laure Manaudou. Last Olympics she won the 400M and was on top of the world. She started dating fellow swimmer, Italian, Luca Martin. So everything is going swimmingly (sorry). Things change and the two break up after some time. Well Martin picks things up with another swimmer, Italian, Federica Pellegrini. Not so bad, things happen. Then they release naked pictures of Manaudou on the internet. Alright...shake it off baby. Fast forward to these Olympics where Manaudou is competing against Pellegrini in the 400M Free. Well Pelligrini goes on to smash Manaudou's World Record and gets gold. Manaudou finishes dead last. Do we have this girl on suicide watch? I mean I can't imagine things getting any worse for her. Hang in there Laure.
  • And of course, Michael Phelps is killing it with 5 gold medals in 5 events.

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For Shame said...

You spelled both female swimmers names incorrectly and left out the naked pictures.